Sustainability in action

First to recycle used coffee grounds

Working with Bio-bean an award-winning clean technology company, the first in the world to recycle used coffee grounds on an industrial scale for making biofuels and biochemicals.

Red Tractor

All of our UK purchased chicken, pork, beef, lamb and turkey is Red Tractor assured.

Eco friendly

We use eco friendly plant-based disposables made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, which can all be commercially composted with food waste.

Food For Life

We are Food For Life Accredited because we serve fresh food, source environmentally sustainable and ethical food, make healthy eating easy and champion local food producers.

Committed to

We source on Fairtrade terms, as part of a global movement to build a more sustainable future.

MSC Approved

By choosing to serve seafood with the blue MSC label we are supporting independently certified sustainable fisheries. Their good management practices help ensure fish stocks and habitats are healthy and fishing community livelihoods are secure.

We turn our oil
into biofuel

Our oil is turned into Bio fuels. For every litre of bio fuel used to replace standard forecourt diesel 2.53 kilos of carbon is saved.

100% commitment to sustainable palm oil

We do not purchase palm oil for cooking in the UK and are committed to purchasing 100% sustainable palm oil products from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) accredited suppliers.

Working towards zero food waste

We’re committed to working towards zero food waste through partnerships in recycling that produce innovative ways to both cut food waste in the first place and to divert unavoidable waste away from landfill.