About Us

Crafted with imagination, by a team devoted to making food a delightful experience.

Foodsmiths is a catering business specialising in crafting food pleasure, providing wonderful food and hospitality to visitors and guests at celebrated venues and special occasions. We’re dedicated to making our food and service a memorable focal point at entertainment venues, heritage attractions, sport stadia and at corporate events. Dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of guests, adding value, making the quality of our food reflect the concern for quality of venue operators and hosts.

Right across our varied and exciting venues we create food that has a distinct style. The Foodsmiths philosophy of food is based on the three principles of provenance, craft and quality. We create our food with imagination, with love and respect, with great attention to detail. To be delicious, to surprise, to make the customers and guests we serve smile with delight.

Our food is a joy to eat, healthy, made with fresh ingredients, in season, from sustainable sources. It’s cooked freshly on site, and prepared and served by a team dedicated to giving our guests a very special experience.


Craft is our all embracing code of practice in Foodsmiths. Our food is expertly, beautifully prepared to our own recipes by highly skilled people – crafted by hand to celebrate flavours, not manufactured.


Quality is the golden rule, at every stage in our work, behind the scenes, and front of house, in food and service. It must all add up to an outstanding customer experience.


Provenance is fundamentally important to us and our customers. Knowing the origin of all our ingredients is essential to the integrity of our food and to our promise that it will be of high quality and ethically and sustainably produced.

Operational Integrity

A lot of security comes with the Foodsmiths. The resources behind our offer are about as strong as they get - industry-leading in fact. And resources in the venues and events catering business are vital. Because having a very appealing food offer is one thing. Delivering it to the highest standard day in day out is quite another.

We bring consistent quality, innovation, best practice in creating healthy food, unfailing food safety, training and career development for staff, ethical and sustainable sourcing, and strong social responsibility. We believe all these things are critical to earning the trust of customers.

Credentials you can trust

Foodsmiths is an Elior business. And Elior is one of the leading international contract catering and hospitality organisations. Its success is underpinned by continual investment in research and development resources and expertise to drive innovation, best practice and continuous improvement initiatives.

Our Services

The range of Foodsmiths services delivers really exceptional catering and hospitality at venues and events.