Cafés, Restaurants
& Bars

Designed to make food
service a valuable asset

We’re specialists with long experience of operating food services in the visitor attractions sector at many famous and iconic venues. We offer a range of cafe, restaurant and bar formats under the Foodsmiths brand and provide a bespoke service for creating cafés, restaurants and bars unique to their venues.

Cafes, restaurants and bars branded as Foodsmiths – with their handcrafted food, friendly, professional, welcoming, contemporary atmosphere - are ideal for all kinds of attraction. We design these outlets to be completely in harmony with the character of the venue and its themes.

A visitor highlight

We make our Foodsmiths cafés, restaurants and bars a highlight of the customer journey wherever we operate. We aim for an outstanding service that makes people want to come back for the quality of the food and drinks, the value, the service and ambience.

A bespoke service

We design and operate cafes, restaurants and bars based on the Foodsmiths model, but tailored to be unique to a specific venue. These outlets are tailor made to reflect the individual character of the venue, and to give a customer experience of the highest standard - comparable with the very best on the High Street. We aim to give visitors every reason to return.

Working from the Foodsmiths principles of Craft, Quality and Provenance we can tailor our offer for operators and owners of all kinds of attractions for the public.