Our People

Great people
make great service

We look for the very best people to become Foodsmiths colleagues. People who by character are warm, friendly and genuine. And then we make them into the best professionals in the business.

To be a member of Foodsmiths means you work for an organisation that thinks of you as the most important link in delivering our promise to clients. You are cared for as an individual, supported, given the very best training and career development in our industry. Given valuable skills and have open to you terrific opportunities for progress.

Friendly, genuine, professional. That’s a Foodsmith

Learning and development for colleagues

Learning and Development for colleagues is focused on creating a genuine ethos of excellent customer care among our teams. We ensure all colleagues possess outstanding craft skills and enable all our teams to operate to the highest professional and regulatory standards on site.

The Academy

The Academy is the centre for all our learning and development. Today, the Academy offers a portfolio of over 40 programmes for front-line, supervisory colleagues, managers and chefs.

Learning is delivered through a mix of faceto-face and e-learning, virtual classroom and workbooks.


Living service excellence every day

For us service is not a procedure, but an attitude of mind and a commitment to best practice. For this reason we invented our own innovative programme of training for all our client site colleagues throughout the UK.

Called eXperience it is designed to reinforce continuously our philosophy of making the customer experience enjoyable in every single aspect of service. It is a hands-on approach to engaging all our peoplein the on-going development of improved techniques and attitudes to service.

Dedicated to developing the potential in all our people

We believe in giving our people the very best support in finding their true talents. We then work with them individually, providing a whole spectrum of training options, so that they achieve skills that will make them outstanding professionals, equipped for a long and successful career.

Encouraging ambition and achievement

We are proud of the scale of our Apprentices scheme in the UK. Currently over 240 of our colleagues are apprentices, both young and older individuals, looking for new opportunities and heading toward National Vocational Qualifications with us.

And wherever we see the potential for leadership we encourage colleagues to take advantage of development programmes we provide to find the next generation of managers from within our own community.