Our Food

Beautifully crafted
imaginative food

Our offer at Foodsmiths branded and client own branded cafés and restaurants is a wonderful contemporary concept. It combines cakes and pastries, filled tarts, salads, quiches, breads and sandwiches made with great skill in the best patisserie and delicatessen tradition. These beautifully displayed items are supplemented by freshly made hot dishes, often regional specialities, made to match the location of the venue. Delicious artisan soft drinks, speciality coffees and teas also help to make a visit to a Foodsmiths a memorable experience, comparable to the most desirable and charismatic cafés on the High Street.

Committed to
Quality in every

The warmth and professionalism of our service staff completes the experience. They are among the best trained people in the catering and hospitality industry, committed to our aim of making every Foodsmiths an outstanding feature of the venue.

We want these outlets to be rated by visitors and guests as providing a service that significantly enhances the whole customer experience at the venue and helps make a great day out.

A continually
improving offer

We have a dedicated expert food development team within Foodsmiths. These are the chefs who ensure our offer is continually refreshed with new menu ideas. They track trends in customer tastes, try out different approaches to food, seek inspiration from the best food innovators. They combine creativity, passion for their work, great knowledge of ingredients, expert cooking skills and the food science needed to design a menu that is both delicious and can be delivered efficiently on site every day.

We never forget to tailor our food to the emotions of our consumers as well as their demographic profile. We create our menus around our feelings about the seasons, about different times of the day as well our feelings in relation to the specific environment where we find ourselves as visitors and guests.

Best of both worlds

Backing this team are the resources of Elior, one of the leading international catering and hospitality companies. Foodsmiths clients are offered the best of both worlds.

A specialist team with all the passion and spirit of an independent. And the deep expertise and operational excellence that can only come from long range investment in all aspects of healthy eating and wellbeing, ethical sourcing, food safety, training and career development for colleagues.

And proven commitment to corporate social responsibility policy and effective actions right through the organisation.

Resources in this type of catering business are vital.